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Ash Humby

Ash Humby

Junior Creative

the 'chroncentric' wristwatch, developed by british industrial designer nick lendon, provides the time in both analogue and a mock digital-type format, utilizing conventional hands alongside three independent discs that each revolve independently to depict the digits of the hour. 'chroncentric' has been shortlisted in designboom's international design time BREIL competition, in which the renowned italian watchmakers asked participants to design the next icon in watch culture.

shipping pallet shoe rack

Span Smartwatch

203 Series (gun grey/tan) watch by Uniform Wares. Available at Dezeen Watch Store: www.dezeenwatchst... Special OA All Black 2010 Limited Edition

Greyhours - Essential by Julien Gueuning, via Behance

The addition at Cooper Union Square, New York to the The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art college, commonly referred to simply as Cooper Union. Designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis Architecture with associate architect Gruzen Samton. Construction completed 2009.

De Bethune DB29 Maxichrono Tourbillon

French Ministry of Health: Childhood Obesity | www.gutewerbung.n... #Advertising #Icecream


Aqua Building, Chicago

ingenious/humorous modern seat design by alexander nettesheim : Auslaufmodel

Kingdom Of Sports: Fat can't hide, Swimmer.

Kingdom Of Sports: Fat can't hide, Worker.

Mens Fashion

Bell Ross Compass watch 2

pinned for the clock working details..

One of the leading companies in creative advertisements with a creative poster.

Italian industrial designer Sabrina Fossi takes a look at your average wall clock and puts her own creative spin on it in the form of the FreakishCLOCK. Fossi removes the hour hand and instead the hour is revealed through a pie-shaped cut-out as the face revolves around as time passes.