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Cute Boyfriend Stuff

EVERY girl should read this!!! Seriously, this is so powerful. What are you waiting for?!?!

  • Amanda Kibbler

    Not bad. I think there are some things that only affirm gender roles, so I would alter that, but the idea of having a healthy relationship should resonate with everyone.

Undecided on a groomsmen gift? Check out this great idea! A personalized ice chest with goodies inside!

WeddingAdvisor (WeddingAdvisor) on Twitter

Soak strawberries in whipped cream flavored vodka for 24 hours then dip in melted chocolate and let set.Takes Chocolate Covered Strawberries to a whole new level!

Dessert Recipes of Chris

Awesome Valentines day card!

Library Checkout Card | The Dating Divas
  • Mana Crigler

    First kiss was 2 years after their first date? Lol

  • Shai Ford

    @Mana Nishimura Crigler - My first kiss was five years after our first date, almost to the day. lol. We went on a date, dated other people, and then went on a second (and third) date before finally decided to give it a real go.

  • Mana Crigler

    Makes much more sence now lol

Pin now, browse later. TONS of ideas for the man in life. Perfect for birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, or just because!

I might die if someone did this for me...amazing idea. Open when you need to know how much I love you, open when you don't feel beautiful, open when you need a laugh, open when you miss me, open when you're mad at me, open when you need a date night, etc. possibly the best gift a bf could give ❤

  • Jessie Sankey

    I make my own, but that's where I'm drawing a blank. What kinds of things do you write for them? Not the side content but coming up with the 'Open when you need to know how much I love you' and other envelopes confuses me. Help!

  • Kristy Hughes

    I am trying to do this for my boyfriend issue is I got the envelope Ideas but what do you put in them? I am just having major creativity block. HELP!

  • Denisse Nantes

    Write inside jokes! Print or draw things that relate to both of you. You can even find a quote.. Get some type of jewelry.. Something personal between you to!

  • Denisse Nantes

    Or a long letter with doodles that shows how you feel! I created this really stupid story.. Just something off the too of my head for one of them.. it made him laugh

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