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She stores all the papers for each unit/theme in binders. So smart. I keep cramming stuff into bursting filing cabinets.

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Organization

Ways to use Popplet ipad app in the classroom: syllables, prefixes, root word, suffixes, Beginning, Middle, End, Brainstorming, etc....

daily doodle journal - maybe an interesting way to get students involved and paying attention. Doodle of a chapter? Doodle of a sentence using a specific phrase type? Doodle of something you learned?

Yep, we just keep raising the bar and fortunately teachers keeping meeting it, the fear - is when our students no longer can. Proceed cautiously, as young minds, are our most precious resources for tomorrow!

My teacher said this in class a million times by now

Teacher Truth! How can I get this made into a HUGE door poster - I tell students it's not a democracy, it's my world and I'm the queen!

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see." -

All the forms you need to create a Parent-Teacher Conference binder to make conferences a breeze {EDITABLE} $

Have a wish list ready for parent orientation. Write each item you need for the classroom on a paper cutout (e.g. apple cutouts on a “giving tree”) and encourage parents to pick one to donate to the classroom

Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself.

Custom Teacher Gift - Chalkboard Class Birthday Calendar- 30 Name Circles- Made to Order- LIMITED TIME 10% OFF

NOT JUST FOR ELEMENTARY teachers! There are actually a lot of helpful ideas here for all teachers! Oh, and thanks to buzzfeed for actually being useful instead of just funny!

I was born to be a teacher print from Etsy. Re-Pinned by Penina Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, TSHH CEO Socially Speaking LLC YouTube: socialslp Facebook: Socially Speaking LLC www.SociallySpeak... Socially Speaking™ App for iPad:

Teachers Who Love Teaching Teach Children to Love Learning - Teacher Gift - Teacher Christmas Gift

Labels- editable! - I've pinned things like this with the polka dots, but I love this one! It's simple and doesn't look too overbearing on the baskets!

Use soap containers to keep flash cards and playing cards together. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

First day project: Friend Tree. Everyone puts their thumb print on the tree then teacher later frames it and hangs it as a reminder that we are all friends.

A chart to organize classroom expectations. Very quick and easy way to set expectations. AIH means Academic Intervention Hour"

this is the only reason why i would want to be a teacher. so i could make everyone's days awesome.

Imagine if you had this amazing tech tool while you were in school! Great teacher tool, student resource, and parent communication updating tool.