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Placing your stethoscope on the coloured dots will mean you are listening to the… RED DOT- aortic valve sounds BLUE DOT- pulmonic valve sounds GREEN DOT- Erbs point (where aortic and pulmonic valve sounds radiate) YELLOW DOT- Tricuspid valve sounds PURPLE DOT- Mitral valve sounds @Victoria Lynn@Liz Lynn@Kimberly Chapman Clark

Cancer Cells Dividing

Human FAT Cells

Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer Cell

Prostate Cancer

Lung Cancer

Breast Cancer - A Weston

SEM photo of a macrophage engulfing TB bacteria. Incredible photo - who says science isn't beautiful?

The characteristic eye findings in Marfan's syndrome include: Lens subluxation, angle anomaly, glaucoma, hypoplasia of dilator muscle, axial myopia and retinal detachment.