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An ounce of anointing is more precious than a thousand tons of talent. www.elevationchur...

Elevation Church

God created a void in your heart that is only His to fill. When life becomes meaningless, boring, and hard it’s because we’ve been filling it with anything but Him.

"My life is meaningless"

Trials! This is so true! Thank God for everything we have been through in life. It has brought us to an amazing, content, beautiful place! Trust in God...always!!!

The 36th AVENUE | Love Above All

You should always be learning. If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong place.

Teen Vogue Daily

Live your life without worrying about others gossiping opinions. Only you can decide what makes you happy.

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Your Monday Motivational Quote

Seriously, think about it. Way too many unhappy marriages and/or divorces because people don't really want to be married, they just wanted a wedding.


The secret

I love the people who see in me what I hadn't seen until they tell me...loooove them! True friends.

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I love this! Once you realize that the biggest thing holding you back really is yourself, I believe you can do anything!