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Healthy Mac and Cheese with greek yogurt.

Another pinner said : I'm pinning this again because I don't think you are taking me seriously! I eat it EVERY DAY sometimes TWICE a day!!! Cookie dough greek yogurt! Just add 1 tbsp. of creamy peanut butter, 1 tsp. of honey, 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract, 1 tbsp. of miniature chocolate chips and a dash of sea salt.

Substitute Avacodo for butter in cookies - "This may sound a little adventurous, but you won't taste the difference: Switch out half of the butter in a cookie recipe for mashed avocado. This simple change will reduce fat content by 40% and cut the number of calories by nearly as much. You'll still get the creaminess of butter and the fatty taste, but this substitution knocks out some of the saturated fat in favor of the belly-flattening monounsaturated kind." such a good idea!

Frozen banana and peanut butter bites. Great post-workout snack.

this slim rolling food cabinet is a great DIY idea for renters!

Add An Extra Shower Curtain Rod To The Shower And Hang Caddies From It To Save Space.

Makeover an old wooden magazine holder to take control of your cake pans, pizza pans, muffin pans. #diy #upcycle #chalkpaint...Would be perfect for the pantry!

Huh, who would've thought? Hanging planter basket re-purposed as a fruit holder! Love this idea...I hate a cluttered counter top!

There you go again, Pinterest. Making me feel dumb.

30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Storage Solutions for bathroom or kitchen sink

Got 6" of space? Create a sliding pantry! Great for a tiny apartment!

$2 sink caddies velcroed to pantry wall for all the little stuff.

Use Magazine holder to store things upright (Cutting Boards, and Plastic Wrap/Aluminum Foil/ Parchment Paper)

Lots of inexpensive, easy DIY projects for organizing bathrooms. Plus, a place to linkup all the organization projects you've done in any room in your house. | Remodelaholic

Solution for hair appliance storage

30 frugal, healthy dinner recipes (less than $1 per serving) | Real Food Real Deals

A week's worth of healthy dinners in minutes! This is so smart. Every recipe serves one. You simply double, triple (etc) based on # of people you need to feed. | via @SparkPeople #food #recipe

1. Visit state. 2. Take pictures in said state. 3. Cut them out in the shape of said state, and adhere to map.