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Dreamcatcher tattoo with pink roses

I love the flowers on the shoulder like this. Definitely my next tattoo!

Shot roulette mixture of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. Fun for a bachelorette or some hockey team party!

Love bird tattoo. LOVE this...kinda what I want at the end of my script. ♥

puppy and kitten love The puppy's eyes are so adorable and the kitten is just sleeping away! Cuddly!

Didn't know where to put isn't really funny...more heartwarming (: Legendary scene…

Funny Confession Ecard: All I want is to find a guy like Ted who'll love me like Marshall and make me laugh like Barney.

Bathtub wine holder- i have a couple friends who would appreciate this

@April Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Wilhelm. Made me think of you Black and red tattoo

The Walking Dead -- Before and After ~ [ This is us EVERY SINGLE TIME! x'D @Style Space & Stuff Blog Chales & @Kirsten Wehrenberg-Klee Brigham ]

Who's next? Nobody in this pic, that are still live and in color, that's who.

Jenna Fischer in an awesome appearance on Jimmy Fallon telling about hpw when she's out with her husband people see her and get excited to see "Pam" but then look at her husband and say "you're not Jim!" and get really angry. She seems pretty amused ans not at all upset by this. I think it's adorable and shows how much Jenna and John and identified as being with each other.

Thermal Marauders Map Mug! Need need need need