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This treadmill workout burns 500 calories!

The 500-Calorie Treadmill Workout

Jim Carrey. what a good looking man. and a great quote.

Tighten up your abs in 2 weeks

2-Week Plank Challenge: Build Up to a 5-Minute Plank

So nice to have when you are traveling and not near your home gym.

Ryan Gosling Fitness Motivation .... pin to health or pin to favorites.... ahhh!!! i don't know what to do!

Start seeing progress with this amazing 6 Week Emergency Makeover Plan! #6week #transformation

8 moves to perk up your boobs-- sorry for any guys that follow. You just don't understand.

Core workout. Defines your waist so you don't look "boxy" and melts love handles no joke. 3 sets 15reps/side.

BEAST MODE Leopard on Teal Workout Tank Fitted, Workout Clothes, Motivational Workout Tank, Workout Shirt, Gym Tank, Gym Clothing, Crossfit on Etsy, $24.99

Reason to lose weight: "wow, is that really her?" Another website I need to check out. 8)

7 Types of Squats You Should Be Doing | Women's Health Magazine

30 Workouts / 30 Minutes: Two-Time Treadmill. "There is no faster, more efficient way to zap fat and uncover curves," says SELF fitness director and trainer Meaghan B. Murphy, who designed the plan (Warm up for 10 minutes first.) Watch the pounds disappear!