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I Teach!!! ❤

730 Pins

I Teach!!! ❤

  • 730 Pins

I need this in my classroom.

No sew curtains, just hot glue ribbon to the sheet (so you can slide the rod threw) and your done.

Day 27 – Curtains

Do the Snowman Dance!! Everyone will love doing the actions!! Shiver to the left, Shiver to the Right Twirl my scarf around my neck and tip my hat. Shiver do...

students keep on desks, throughout the day call out "time check" and students record the time....really gets the kids to be able to read a clock!

Fourth and Ten: Tick, Tock, Time..... Freebie

Class Christmas party ideas- these are great!

Your Teacher's Aide: Christmas Round Up 2014

Howard Gardner - multiple intelligences "what kind of smart are you?"

Lesson Plan SOS: back to school

Multiple Intelligences Survey for Primary Learn...

Multiple Intelligences Survey for Primary Learners

Learning styles inventory. Give each student 3 stickers and have them fill on styles inventory, they place the stickers on the class chart. If the are 100% visual, then all stickers go there, if part of each then one sticker in each column. Very interesting for you and the class to see. See my store at www.teacherspayte...

FREEBIES - Multiples and Division Pick, Flip and Check Cards Freebie by Games 4 Learning - The fun way to review multiples and division facts!

Classifying shapes by their attributes and working with quadrilaterals.

Elementary Math Project Idea ~ this creative fun requires skill-based learning

Pre-Algebraic Thinking for Elementary Students

Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger product collects both dominoes---or do with addition to find the sum, or subtraction to find the difference.

Fun Games 4 Learning: Domino Math Games

Whole Brain Teaching~ Good explanation of a few just-getting-started ways that can be incorporated into anyone's teaching.

Daily 5 Math Schedule and SO MUCH MORE. Search "Daily 5" on her page and find everything you ever wanted to know about how to run it! LOTS of freebies!

Chart to summarize Veteran's Day

Appletastic: Blossoming in Fifth Grade: Quadrilateral Foldable Fun!


Seriously! I've said this a time or two...

Mark your student pencils with washi tape. It is on my classroom wish list. No more "Whose pencil is this?"

Every notebook needs one of these…all it takes is duct tape and ribbon! No more searching for the last entry!

Science Notebooks

Fun classroom timers- these are so cool!

Classroom Timers - Fun Timers

Need some AMAZING classroom Management ideas?

While students are working problems, walk around the room with a handful of green pens. When someone finishes the problems correctly, they get a green star and a green pen. Now they are qualified to coach and star papers for other students, and so on, until everyone is done.

Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey Craft #Thanksgiving craft for kids to make! |

Bubble Wrap Printed Turkey Craft for Kids - Crafty Morning

A whooping 495 templates for interactive notebooks and flap books. This treasure trove of options will motivate you to create great activities for your students. The PNG images with transparent backgrounds can easily be inserted into Word or PowerPoint documents and scaled to the size of your choice. (For both commercial and personal use.)