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Cute DIY headband idea from "A Beautiful Mess"

diy workout headbands, i'm thinking bracelet

DIY headband, i wasn't going to post it, but i think it's really cute and sporty :)

DIY Double Chevron Friendship Bracelet DIY Jewelry DIY Bracelet - enhance the chevron look by making it with white and one color... Maybe crimson

{Figure} collection of the most complete history of the snowflake paper cutting tutorial. This winter the windows will not be lonely. So happy ah. [A group meatball]

DIY Paper flowers. A nice way to decorate packages without buying wrapping paper or bows.

Your keychain has a lego on it.. snap it into place and no more lost keys!! -legos...they never cease to amaze me.

diy heart knotnecklace

I love this! I might have to make these cards this year.....