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The characters of Frozen according to a five-year-old girl. That was adorable. | See more about disney movies, 5 years and 5 year olds.

The funniest websites & pages in the world - WDB.ES

The ring bearer dressed up as Frodo?!?! Totally geeking out right now!!!!

26 Things Cats Are Not. LOL seriously, some of these are the best pictures I've ever seen! XD

Tinkle in the Pot | Hilarious Baby Shower Game. Each player puts a balloon under their shirt while holding a ping pong ball between their knees. Player must waddle down the line and drop the ball into a jar.

Everybody wants Morgan Freeman to narrate their life but I want five sassy singing lady muses - I want Morgan Freeman to narrate most of it and the five sassy singing lady muses to step in and perform catchy yet narratively sound musical numbers when it gets to serious

Can you imagine running around to see your picture and then seeing this! So sweet!

How not to deal with unflattering photos…

Top 52 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Casting with packing tape. First layer sticky side UP, then 3-4 layers sticky side DOWN. Round tip scissors to remove, then tape back together.