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Lottie Moon

Find #LottieMoon ideas and helps here for parties and small groups. Find out how your mission dollars are used. (Lottie Moon was a #missionary to China for in the early 1900s. She spent her entire career pleading for others to reach the lost. The Southern Baptist mission offering is named after her, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.)

20 Testimonies of the LMCO’s impact in East Asia

20 Testimonies of the LMCO’s impact in East Asia

Her Own Way: The Story of Lottie Moon

How much of your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goes directly to supporting IMB missionaries as they work to bring unreached people to Christ? Every single penny!

Flat Lottie oversees farmers plant rice in Southeast Asia

Download Flat Lottie (like Flat Stanley) and take a photo with her!

We'd like to hear from your churches on how you are involved with the LMCO!

How old is our oldest IMB missionary? Our youngest? Lottie went searching through Asia for our missionaries to see what she could discover!

#IMB missionaries serve in hard areas. Your gifts allow them to serve

Flat Lottie travels by canoe in South Asia with IMB workers to share the Gospel in villages

Lottie Moon bikes through the streets of Hanoi

Top missionary-sending states. Texas is #1, followed by North Carolina and Oklahoma

Lottie Moon quotes

10 Things That Happen Because You Give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering