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Need an idea to end the day? The End of the Day Jar has 24 questions to ask students to get them talking about their school day. This helps build community in the classroom. You can call on students to answer the questions or have them talk with a buddy.

Music cues for the classroom---need to check this out for iPhone or iPad

Music Cue on the App Store on iTunes

NEW Dr. Jean's Cheer cards have been given a facelift. Here is a collection of all her classic cheers looking better than ever. AND we added a few new ones as well. FREE

Sharing Kindergarten: Dr. Jean's Cheer Cards {freebie}

I love the idea of a year long tub - maybe not owl themed. We collect these the office and then when it is time to turn them in we split them all between those who have children in school.

Pencil Challenge! I wrote each students magic number on the pencils. The last person who doesn't lose their pencil will win!

Sensory Bin ideas for learning and pretend play through the senses.

Sugar Aunts: Learning Through Play with 60+ Sensory Bins

Acrostics Make Classroom Management A Snap: {Free} acrostic poems for starting the day, hallway behavior, working with partners, working in groups. Perfect for the classroom.

Acrostics Make Classroom Management A Snap!

FREE SUNNY MONEY DOWNLOAD~ Each spring, introduce sunny money to your students. Cut out copies of the sun-themed money patterns. Students earn sunny money by completing homework and demonstrating other exemplary behaviors. At the end of each week, students may purchase items from the Sunny Money Store, which is stocked with inexpensive rewards. It’s a great way to promote positive behavior during a time of year when student energy is high!

Art Education Blog: A Little Classroom Management

Art Education Blog: A Little Classroom Management

This is perfect for those kids who never seem to get recognition. You will need the cooperation of your administrator but this can be implemented o...

Classroom Management - Reward Coupons that DON'T COST MONEY -Music choice -Raffle entry -Swip Swap Seats -Class game time -Hippy Chair -Lunch with Ms. Kern -Show and Tell -Teacher's Desk -Computer activity *When each student gets 5 points they can get a coupon on "trading day"

The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! I just wonder if this would work for middle school. I like how it's very basic and doesn't require constant rewards. Even so, I would want to be able to recognize single students...

First Grade Wow: Great Start!! David Goes to School...rules bubble and head craft

Bouncy Bands - This inexpensive DIY project really helps students who need to move and wiggle!

PBIS Freebie to help students learn classroom and school expectations.

Poster: The Parts of a Friend (Great for Back-to-School planning when designing lessons on what it means and looks like to be a good friend. Created by Andrea Knight.) $