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New police initiative reaches out to uptown Charlotte’s homeless "“The police attitude before wasn’t very holistic. They were just combative, and they would clear out camps,” said Janetta Lambert, the housing readiness coordinator for Urban Ministry Center. Now, she said, officers are less of a threat and more a part of the solution."

Terrance Toussaint, director of outreach and shelter programs at ASPAN, checks a closet in the basement of a condemned house that had signs that a person had been staying there. 1/29/14

"Our quest was to find men and women who are chronically homeless around Fairfax County. But what seemed like "deep into the woods" was really only a stone's throw from gated communities and high-end shopping centers that make up the county, one of the nation's wealthiest." Fairfax, VA. 3/6/13

WASHINGTON – One day last spring, Mark Johnston was walking to work when he came upon a homeless man and while most people would walk on, Mark stopped and helped the man find stable housing and needed services. Mark is the Acting Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. His office is responsible for, among other programs, managing more than 2 billion through programs designed to help homeless individuals and families.

Police as Outreach workers in Montreal.

They would get moved along or, sometimes, picked up for causing a disturbance. But they were never gone long. “All they knew was to come back to the Boardwalk,” he said. Then, he had a question: “Why don’t we try to help them?”

Homelessness charity houses 6 vulnerable protestors at Occupy London.