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Inkle Weaving

I am a passionate and prolific inkle weaver. I began weaving on inkle looms over 3 decades ago and I'm still having fun experimenting with new materials, patterns and products. My blog at tells the stories of my inspirations and what I do with them. On this board I hope to connect with other inkle weavers and share more inspirations, ideas and resources.

ASpinnerWeaver: Teaching Fun! Photos from a class taught by Annie MacHale at Yarns by the Sea in Aptos, CA July, 2014

ASpinnerWeaver: Teaching Fun!

Analogous color schemes in inkle weaving. Four pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

Supplementary weft tutorial by Laverne Waddington

Backstrap Weaving-A tutorial and some terrific tiny projects.

Monochromatic color schemes in inkle weaving with pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Inkle Weaving Color Strategy- Monochromatic

A Weaver's Guide to Yarn - Media - Weaving Today

A Weaver's Guide to Yarn

All of the blog posts containing inkle weaving pattern drafts are now listed here on one page to make it easier for you to find them. ASpinnerWeaver

A blog post about color value and how it can help you create a good inkle design. by Annie MacHale

Latvian belt patterns.

etnobelt | Latvian ethnographic belts and SANTELA design

Really good basic info about the inkle loom, terminology, setup, choosing yarns, etc.

Beginning Inkleweaving

Usually, I do not put patterns on paper before I set up my loom. I warp and design as I go. The golden sunshine and bright blue skies of the day were reflected in the colors of this guitar strap. I wove it while enjoying myself immensely at the Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA, June of 2014. I called it "Vibe of the Day". ~Annie MacHale

Some easy inkle weaving patterns using two colors, article with photos and pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Simple Two-Color Patterns

Saami bandweaving pattern

Free Saami Bandweaving Pattern - Saami Heritage - Paivatar

Si’ira belts collected in Venezuela and some reproductions by Mirja Wark.

Backstrap Weaving - Falling into Spring

Tutorial - Warping the Bedouin al'ouerjan pattern

Tutorial - Warping the Bedouin al'ouerjan pattern

Laverne Waddington sampling patterns from the Vietnamese Hilltribe weavers.

Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom

Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom-Yarn Barn Of Kansas

ASpinnerWeaver: Tonto's Sash - the Story of a Custom Order Sash woven by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Tonto's Sash - the Story of a Custom Order

Handfasting bands woven by Susan Foulkes. Susan is author of several books on band weaving and she has just begun a new blog here.

Durham Weaver: Weaving handfasting bands

Nice weft brocade by Random Rabbit Crafts

The Beginning of a New Career

Hearts on Fibre: Woven Inkles. Making a bag from woven bands.

Hearts on Fibre: Woven Inkles

Tutorial on making small coin purses from woven bands by Kaz Madigan

Framed Purses from Narrow Bands | Syne Mitchell

Hearts on Fibre "I tweaked one of my inkle looms for portability so that I could take it with me to the park in the summer."

Hearts on Fibre: 4KCBWDAY1 House of Bee
  • JacQueline Keller

    Thanks for sharing! I take this loom everywhere. :)

  • Annie MacHale

    @JacQueline Keller, I think it's cool that you managed to attach a strap to it AND I love the bag for holding accessories. I've often thought I need to find a way to affix my shuttle to the loom as I always drop it when transporting my looms.