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Inkle Weaving

I am a passionate and prolific inkle weaver. I began weaving on inkle looms over 3 decades ago and I'm still having fun experimenting with new materials, patterns and products. My blog at tells the stories of my inspirations and what I do with them. On this board I hope to connect with other inkle weavers and share more inspirations, ideas and resources.

Analogous color schemes in inkle weaving. Four pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

Supplementary weft tutorial by Laverne Waddington

Backstrap Weaving-A tutorial and some terrific tiny projects.

Monochromatic color schemes in inkle weaving with pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Inkle Weaving Color Strategy- Monochromatic

A Weaver's Guide to Yarn - Media - Weaving Today

A Weaver's Guide to Yarn

All of the blog posts containing inkle weaving pattern drafts are now listed here on one page to make it easier for you to find them. ASpinnerWeaver

A blog post about color value and how it can help you create a good inkle design. by Annie MacHale

Latvian belt patterns.

etnobelt | Latvian ethnographic belts and SANTELA design

Really good basic info about the inkle loom, terminology, setup, choosing yarns, etc.

Beginning Inkleweaving

Usually, I do not put patterns on paper before I set up my loom. I warp and design as I go. The golden sunshine and bright blue skies of the day were reflected in the colors of this guitar strap. I wove it while enjoying myself immensely at the Redwood Mountain Faire in Felton, CA, June of 2014. I called it "Vibe of the Day". ~Annie MacHale

Some easy inkle weaving patterns using two colors, article with photos and pattern drafts by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Simple Two-Color Patterns

Saami bandweaving pattern

Free Saami Bandweaving Pattern - Saami Heritage - Paivatar

Si’ira belts collected in Venezuela and some reproductions by Mirja Wark.

Backstrap Weaving - Falling into Spring

Tutorial - Warping the Bedouin al'ouerjan pattern

Tutorial - Warping the Bedouin al'ouerjan pattern

Laverne Waddington sampling patterns from the Vietnamese Hilltribe weavers.

Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom

Leclerc Cendrel Inkle Loom-Yarn Barn Of Kansas

ASpinnerWeaver: Tonto's Sash - the Story of a Custom Order Sash woven by Annie MacHale

ASpinnerWeaver: Tonto's Sash - the Story of a Custom Order

Handfasting bands woven by Susan Foulkes. Susan is author of several books on band weaving and she has just begun a new blog here.

Durham Weaver: Weaving handfasting bands

Nice weft brocade by Random Rabbit Crafts

The Beginning of a New Career

Wide Inkle Band by flufdrax on deviantART

Hearts on Fibre: Woven Inkles. Making a bag from woven bands.

Hearts on Fibre: Woven Inkles

Tutorial on making small coin purses from woven bands by Kaz Madigan

Framed Purses from Narrow Bands | Syne Mitchell

Hearts on Fibre "I tweaked one of my inkle looms for portability so that I could take it with me to the park in the summer."

Hearts on Fibre: 4KCBWDAY1 House of Bee
  • JacQueline Keller

    Thanks for sharing! I take this loom everywhere. :)

  • Annie MacHale

    @JacQueline Keller, I think it's cool that you managed to attach a strap to it AND I love the bag for holding accessories. I've often thought I need to find a way to affix my shuttle to the loom as I always drop it when transporting my looms.

Inkle woven slippers by Ziggy Rytka of the UK.