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Must have this pose for our newborn pics

Denver Newborn Photographer | J. Amado Photography

LOVE this picture...would LOVE something like this for our newborn shoot!

Love the impact of the empty space...and the perspective it puts the baby into

Jaime Lackey Photography » Blog

In the Arms of a Hero - Military Baby Picture

13 Newborn Photos to Replicate- I'm going to be glad I repinned this one day!

13 Incredible Newborn Photos
  • C Smith

    Is there a little band aid on that foot?

  • Kirstin Fristad

    Newborns get their blood tests drawn from their heel. It looks like they took the bandaid off for the photo. I did newborn photos in the hospital and many times the bandaid was stuck on too tight to remove them, but they were normal sized bandaids, and usually with a piece of gauze underneath. Doesn't make for great feet closeups :/

  • C Smith

    Oh well it's still cute and it looks like it was such a teeny little band aid. Thanks :)

  • Kirstin Fristad

    I have to say I give kudos to anyone who can get this picture. Because if the baby's awake, they do everything they can to try and get the rings off! lol

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So small!

Amelia Lyon Photography Blog

HA! Now that is hilarious and adorable.

  • Sherrine Kabbaj

    I find it disturbing too.

  • Becca Hendricks

    I think if the second feet werent made to look like they were having sex it wouldnt be disturbing. If all feet were pointing up from 1-2-3 it would be cute, but to mix the idea of sex with the kids in a photo is just weird. And No I am not a prude, and DUH I know that's how you get babies...I have two of my own. Its just weird.

  • Sherrine Kabbaj

    I totally agree with you. It's like all those onsies with "nasty" phrases on it. it's unnecessary and there are other ways to show humor. When it comes to babies, that sense of humor should be thrown out the door.

  • Alyssa Montgomery

    Either the woman has very large feet or the guys feet are very tiny.. This photo idea is odd to me.

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