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Woodterest for kids / Du bois pour les enfants

Wood, wood and wood for the kids / Dubois, du bois et encore du bois pour les enfants.

Portable reading tray by Atelier Unik-Art

Portable reading tray by Atelier Unik-Art

Come play with us! :) / Venez jouer avec nous!!! :)

Lacing toys by Atelier Unik-Art

It's the tooth fairy who will be happy to know, kids will have soon, a lovely wooden block to put their first tooth inside!

My son of 5 years old will have a gift exchange in kindergarten. Each child should make his own christmas gift, my son chose to draw on a wooden box from my workshop ... This is somehow the first collective work father and son :)

Colorfull Woodoo doll Wooden toys par atelierunikart sur Etsy

Camionjouet démontable en bois par atelierunikart sur Etsy

Alexander Performance Scale Test kit, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1946-1950

Wooden blocks stacked rainbow - The ''LifeSaFer'' on Etsy

bunks in the closet, leaves the rest of the room as a play area.

Lucky charm wooden ''Woodoo'' doll par atelierunikart sur Etsy

See the rainbow, Touch the rainbow, play the rainbow! … Okay your child will not Taste the rainbow like Skittle’s (Trademark) … Unless his a little beaver but the advantage is my wooden toy are less calorie … So that you cost cheaper dentist!

Atelier Unik-Art’s Woodoo doll & Mini-Woodoo… Dr.evil and Mini me (Austin Power) have booked one of each!!! :) … Soon on my Etsy shop

  • Cindy Rivard

    Original et différent. Qu'est-ce qui t'a donné cette idée?

  • atelierunikart

    @Cindy Rivard, Secret d'état! ;) ... Tout est parti d'une question d'une cliente l'an passé: Vous n'avez rien pour les grandes filles?... Mes neurones ont faites le reste. :) Ha, ha, ha!

… Because we have the right to be different!!! :)

Wooden medal by Atelier Unik-Art

DIY for kids Paintable Animal set Unikit par atelierunikart, $16,00

Touch the rainbow with our lovely new ”Happy Bugzz”!!! Small wooden critters toys. :)

The lovely new ''Happy Bugzz'' are the best greener toys... These little critters are made ​​of 100% real wood with a water based finish., $12,00