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{Cupcake Basics} How to Bake Cupcakes // Has great info on how much to fill the liners and bake depending on type of batter.

{Cupcake Basics} How to Bake Cupcakes - Glorious Treats

Sesame Street cupcakes

Sesame Street cupcakes

Lovely Sprinkles: Sesame Street Cupcakes

I think this is the only not scary Cookie Monster cake I have EVER seen.

Cookie Monster Wants Cookie Cake!

Rose Cupcakes (instructions for forming roses)

Valentine Rose Cupcakes ~ Tutorial


Chocolate rose cupcakes

Rose cupcake. Would be pretty with orange, yellow and pink large roses on them.

how to pipe mini rose cupcakes

Roses Cupcakes. Great for a wedding or baby shower, or maybe even a V-Day party.

Roses Cupcakes - CakesDecor

How to make a rose cupcake (use Wilton1M tip but blogger has another brand called Bakers Craft and it’s a 2D. It has 5 or 6 triangles, )

How to Pipe a "Rose" Cupcake - Your Cup of Cake

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Pink & Black cupcake Bouquets. (made for Mary Kay Meeting. (medium difficulty)

My Wife had these made for her Mary Kay party...And they tasted good too!

Cupcake Stillettos.jpg Picture

Mary Kay debut cupcakes - lip cupcakes, kiss cupcakes, Mary Kay, dogwood cupcakes, music cupcakes, pink black and white cupcakes

High Heel Shoe Cupcakes From Cupcakeology Cupcake Truck Be Beautiful !Get your NEW Mary Kay at Play and Fairytales & Fantasy Collection for Fall 2013 today at #mkatplay

MARY KAY CUPCAKES cute idea to serve at a debut party!

Stiletto cupcakes : black fondant through an extruder for the music staff, pink fondant stilettos cut by hand, buttercream icing shaped with a Viva paper towel * Mary Kay cupcakes, pina colada cupcakes, white pink black cupcakes, music cupcakes, fashion cupcakes

Lip cupcakes : star tip, lip chocolates made from molds, shimmer dust brushed on for effect * Mary Kay cupcakes, shades of pink, strawberry cupcake w strawberry icing, white pink black cupcakes