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Our Stylists ♥

Head-to-toe looks and trends curated by our very own stylists to inspire your own style.

DIAL IN ON THE DETAILS | Not sure what shoes to wear with our City Pants? (Hint: All of them). Play around with sneaks, sandals, boots and heels alike. Roll the cuff or tuck it in. It all works (now that's true versatility). | Athleta Summer 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Our Shimmy Short's sleek, silky fabric and blousy fit adds a luxe touch to designer Jeannette's barre class, and takes her straight to town with a change in top (consider it the new summer staple). | Athleta Summer 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Designer Melissa plays dress-up, dress-down and lunge down in our Andalé Pant with a simple roll of the cuff and a swap of sandals for sneaks (or even heels). | Athleta Summer 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Yogini/Designer Hannah likes to keep her practice casual and free-flowing. Enter the La Viva Pant. It gets sweaty in the studio and gets trés chic for downtown downtime. She just throws on a super flowy burnout top and boots (try walking on the wild side and wear edgy booties, instead). | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE: Employee Edition | The newsworthy print of the Blossoms Be Free Knickers work best when clashed with shocking neon (Designer Melissa gets sweaty in the bright, light gym with an equally bright Chi Tank). We consider it an easy way to take notice of your form. Go from working out to going out by adding a hoodie, puffer and retro kicks. This print is too catchy to not wear all the time (the fact it performs just makes it a no-brainer). | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

PACK IT: Gym Bag | Go from gym to glam. Sweat-fest to street-fest. All it takes is one ingenious gym bag packed with the performance you need. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | The most effective yoga outfit is also the simplest. Yogini/designer Hannah keeps it sleek and chic with the Balance Capri in black and the oh-so-soft Stripe Chi Tank. Here's the inside thread: Ruching gives these otherwise plain black tights a hit of glam. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

STYLE VITAL: La Viva Pant | Personality » City Chic. Take a break from the skinnies with the totally hip fit of this City Pant Collection style paired with the equally slouch-happy Chi Tank. It’s casual cool without being sloppy. Wear the pant multiple ways – pulled up, pulled down, cinched in, cinched out – and for multiple activities: from working out, to going out, to simply hanging out. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Running circles around the competition is the name of the game, and Copywriter/Creative Writer Jackie can't stop running. Here’s her outfit of choice: an insanely lightweight run tight like the Relay Tight fits like it’s made for you; and the Chi Tank takes a straightforward, clean design and jazzes it up with an eye-catching scribble print. Here’s to making every run effortlessly cool. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Easy Peazy. The name says it all. Rockstar Designer Melissa loves the slouch-happy fit that adds a casual cool to any look (plus, its grey-kissed-with-mauve Shale color is so earthy urban). Paired with our French Terry Sharkbite Top and sneaks, it’s perfect for working out. Switch out the sneaks for sneak wedges, add some touches of black leather and that’s all you need to hit the refresh from workout to go out. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Who knew our Chi Tank could perform doubly well as a fashion piece? Urban-loving Designer Melissa certainly did. It’s the classic white tank every girl needs in her closet (only crazy comfy). Melissa pairs it here with an anorak, beanie and converse, switching into sky-high wedges and a leather bomber for an insta day-to-night look. A statement necklace is just icing on the Chi. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Copywriter Jackie likes running so much she barely changed out of her running clothes to wordsmith this. Super sleek black tights always look killer, especially when worn with the Chi Tank. Add a tux jacket after-hours, toss your strands under a baseball cap, and tote a leather satchel to class it up. Voila, hipstamatic. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

PACK IT: Studio Bag | Go from OM to home. Studio to street. Saluting the sun to watching the sun go down. You get the picture. All you need are a few tights, a basic tank, a long sleeve to layer on top and all your major yoga props. Tack on pastels to give your practice a soft touch or don shout-out-loud stripes to take center stage. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

COLOR STORY: Amalfi Blue + Coral Sizzle | Electrify your workout in the two coolest shades of the season (yes, they totally go together). We especially love how chameleon-esque the color coral is: it’s soft enough to masquerade as a pastel, but vivid enough to act like a neon. Best of all, so many styles are at play this season you can mix & match to infinity and beyond. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

FIT STYLE to STREET STYLE: Employee Edition | Yoga teacher/designer Hannah enjoys a quick sesh’ in the studio with the Stripe Chi Tank layered over Chat Capris. Forget changing: she keeps the yoga vibe going by tossing on an oversized sweater, legwarmers and boho-chic moccasin boots. It’s OMg so easy. | Athleta Spring 2014 Collection

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT » Chill Chasers: Don’t let Old Man Winter get in your way of winter fun. This super cute hat and scarf are the perfect additions to your cold-weather gear. Their faux-fur and chunky cable-knit accent just scream winter cozy. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

LOOKS WE LOVE » Run Essentials: Here are our tips to take the nip out of your runs. Go for the Relay Tight - it looks smashing on everyone and performs like a champ. Tack on our Long Sleeve Stride top for warmth and non-chafing, next-to-skin lusciousness. Add a hat, gloves and these coordinating New Balance kicks to round out your ensemble. Thirsty? Nathan makes an awesome hand bottle that holds itself in place to give your hands a break. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

TREND » Shine bright like a diamond: It’s right up there with unicorns and rainbows (c’mon, admit it. You know you still like it). So sparkle me this: why aren’t you sporting more pizzazz? Electrify your workout in eye-catching, shimmery styles from tanks to longsleeve tops. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

  • Joni Savage ❥

    The link doesn't take you to anything shimmery

  • Athleta

    Hi @Joni Savage, Most of the shimmer products are under that category, but to find all of the items we offer in the shimmer fabric seach for "shimmer" in the search tab in the upper left corner.

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    waw amazing

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT » Downalicious: We’re down with the Downalicious this season. Its remarkably silky outer is oh-so-soft and water-resistant, while plush down-filled inners insulate you from Old Man Winter’s cold. Better yet, it comes as a vest, jacket and long CYA option to cover all your needs. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT » Straight up awesome: Our most ingenious pant design to date is seriously slimming with a slim-crafted leg that gives you the leggiest-of-leggy looks. And kiss that muffin-top good-bye: we nixed the elastic and used a special blend of mesh to keep everything smooth as can be (keep it on the hush-hush). | Athleta Winter Collection 2013

TREND » Hear yourself roar: We all love to go wild at times and what better way than while running laps in this animal-tastic Stardust Chat Capri with flowery undertones. It’s fierce and floral. Beauty and beast. A duality dear to your heart. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

DIAL IN ON THE DETAILS » Run the realm: We called it the Queen of the Mountain Jacket because it’s the sovereign ruler of the run jacket realm. It has bold colors and eye-catching reflective trim. It vents your sweat and keeps a grip on your backside with silicone hem trim. It rolls up in a nice little fanny pack so you don’t have to tie it around your waist. Now that’s something to idolize. | Athleta Winter Collection 2013

DIAL IN ON THE DETAILS » Bring on the rain: The classic trench is back with an arsenal of performance on its side (literally – we fully seam sealed it to stop water from slipping through the cracks). A cinched waist tie gives our Midtown Rain Trench a much-needed makeover, and a subtle plaid print we borrowed from the boys feels right at home in the concrete jungle (especially when those tropical storms blow through). | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

LOOKS WE LOVE » Color-ized: Don’t shy away from color. We like to think of it as an eye-catching accessory. A pop of neon orange with our Downalicious Vest. A jolt of cerulean blue with our Bare to Run Tight. Bursts of speed are best coupled with bursts of colors. Show the world what you’re made of. They’ll catch notice. | Athleta Winter 2013 Collection

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT » What's Up In The Hoodie: We all love a solid hoodie. We've upped the chill factor this season with the Metta Hoodie Sweater. It has an oversized silhouette that never looks baggy, and dropped shoulders that merge into form-fitting ribbing from your elbows down. Here, we’ve paired it up with our Sandstone Relay Capri (the perfect complement in understated boldness, we believe). | Athleta Fall 2013 Collection