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Living with autism, you can't be afraid to be unique. Stand out and smile!

Living with autism is learning to dance to your own song :)

With your autistic child, keep your eye on the prize - your loving child who will teach you so much about a different, but wonderful, world!

The brightness of the color in these Toms shoes, are the same as the brightness that shines in a child with autism, you may just have to help find it.

I loooooove this!!!!! Each child with autism is absolutely wonderfully made - just like my Toms! What a gorgeous necklace!

Each child with autism is a unique flower, blooming in its own way. Thank you Toms, for reminding us of this.

Wearing Toms I learned to see a person not their disability

A child with Autism change my path in life and changed the way I loved..

Too many wonderful people I know have kids who are affected by autism - one step at a time, with TOMS, we can find out more about this condition.