Ah, lovely light Pull-Apart Rolls. Easter wouldn't be Easter without 'em.

fig clementine port wine pops...Frozen pureed figs on a stick? Impossible to resist!

... Spanglish. Chef Thomas Keller developed this sandwich, which John (Adam Sandler) made for Flor (Paz Moreno). Known as the "Spanglish Sandwich" it's like a BLT with the addition of egg and cheese.

Happy [insert Asian nationality here] New Year!! Classic Pad Thai

Simple Spaghetti from Leite's Culinaria.

No tomato sauce, just wine and the sea water liquor from the mussels. (Get it? Sea water=marinara.) Mussels Marinara | Cozze alla Marinara

A gorgeous can practically smell it now.

dulce de leche banana bars. Mercy, mercy me.

Little packages of meaty Moroccan love. Kefta Tagine (Moroccan Meatballs)

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