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pardon me, but do you have any grey poupon?

More animals that don't suck at all (30 Photos)

Most Adorable Koala EVER!!!

Look at the hairy children and the fear in there eyes!!! O.o hahaha ;)

Fox cubs. Ok his is like super cute but the one in front looks like its cut in half

No shit! Several years ago my sister got a potbelly pig and it was cute and nice at first. After maybe a month and a half, before it ever even slightly grew up, it started acting like it was ...

baby elephant. (anything that is unrelated to baby elephants today is to be considered irrelephant)

Charolais Limousin Cow Picture Painting Western Farm Ranch Barn cattle French $30.00

How can you not love a face like that?

Take a picture, it'll last longer.