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Monarch Butterfly

Facts about the Monarch Butterfly. We have milkweed in our garden and watch them each year from egg to butterfly.

Do you grow milkweed?

Plant more milkweed,

how to grow milkweed to attract butterflies

You can help monarch butterfly populations thrive by planting milkweed, the only plant the caterpillars can eat // Great Gardens & Ideas //

Monarch we hatched

Monarch hanging out on our mums

Monarch freshly hatched!

Monarch in chrysalis about to open

I fed this monarch from the caterpillar stage until it emerged from its chrysalis

Monarch Butterfly Annual Cycle: month-by-month where are monarchs and what are they doing?

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Page

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Coloring Page

Tiny monarch caterpillar eating milkweed

Monarch laying eggs on milkweed in my garden

Monarch chrysalis that did not hang properly and fell to the ground

Monarch eating milkweed