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Each wrinkle has a story...Bangkok, Thailand. Old lady, woman, female, aged, wrinckles, powerful face, hurt? emotional, expression, lines of Life, beauty, portrait, photo b/w.

Old face by Nanta Maulana, via Behance. Old lady, wrinckles, lines of life, powerful expression, a face with many stories to tell, beauty, portrait, photo b/w.

to capture a person truly is art in its highest form. Old lady, woman, female, oldie, aged, wrinckles, hands, fingers, face, sparkle in her eyes, portrait, a face that have lived a life, portrait, photograph, photo b/w.

faces, old man, male, oldie, beard, wrinckles, culture, powerful, lines of Life, smile, portrait, photograph, photo b/w.

Interview: Gemma Cagnacci from Line x Shape x Colour - MINT

As women will we ever except the fact that wrinkles really are beautiful. Old lady, woman, female, wrinckles, portrait, a face that have lived and have many stories to tell, worn out, beauty, beautiful, powerful, photograph, photo b/w.

FILE Magazine - The Collection - faces of iraq 9

Turkey, old lady, glasses, wrinckles, cute, nuttet, precious, lines of Life, powerful face, intense, portrait, photo

İsimsiz Fotoğrafı | FotoKritik

Old veiled woman, Kyrgyzstan. Old lady, hand, wrinckles, beauty, ring, lines of life, aged, powerful face, intense, portrait, photo

nice! Old lady, woman, female, tattoo, body art, ink, skin, wrinckles, aged, beauty, lines of Life, a face with many stories to tell, powerful eyes, portrait, photo b/w.

Lee Jeffries photograph of homeless man "What we are..." Old man, male, powerful face, expression, hurt, pain, suffering, poverty, portrait, photo b/w.

nice one. Old lady, hands, lines of life, beauty, wrinckles, portrait, photo

agnès b - Planète Femmes

Happy lines-not wrinkles, face, beauty, aged, wrinkles, portrait, beautiful, powerful, a face with many stories to tell, photograph, photo b/w.

Portrait of old lady in Tibet

workman: destina-terre: © Fabienne Cresens, old lady, woman, female, wrinckles, love this face! beauty, portrait, photograph, photo b/w.

the firm line of character, woman, female, wrinckles, oldie, old lady, glasses, a face that have lived with stories to tell, portrait, photograph, photo b/w.

Old Black and White Photography | love black and white photos of old wrinkly faces. I’d say, in fact ...

Face, Portrait, intense, aged, scarf, a face that have lived, sorrow, sadness, wrinckles, oldie, photograph, photo b/w.

Photographic Portraits by Leff Jeffries. Face, man, male, oldie, old man, glasses, magnifying glasses, beard, wrinckles, a face that have lived, intense, photograph, photo b/w.

Stunning New Photographic Portraits by Lee Jeffries

You must pay for everything in this world one way and another. There is nothing free except the Grace of God. You cannot earn that or deserve it. ~ Charles Portis, True Grit. Old lady, wrinckles, aged, woman, intense eyes, a face that have lived, portrait, beauty, photo b/w.

Old Man, male, portrait, face, Photo by Photographer Adnan Buballo, cab, wrinckles, aged, oldie, beard, hand, photograph, photo.

Forever young: Photo by Photographer Adnan Buballo

tibet --- the stories behind the lines in her face ...

Mary Jennings Bumgardner, who is described at the museum as a "saintly lady who lived on a steep hillside in Foust with her husband Lee, just three miles south of the museum." PHOTO: Museum of Appalachia, Tennessee

Tennessee History for Kids