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Content Curation: Skype interview with CEO & Co-Founder (with images, tweets) · al955710

This 3-step process will dramatically improve the impact of the content you share | Curation & The Future of Publishing |

Is Your Content Curation Noise or News? | Curat...! is content curation with a social twist. Using the tool, you can quickly discover content by searching by keyword or a list of top...


Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. by David Kelly : Learning Solutions Magazine

55 Content Curation Tools To Discover & Share Digital Content

The Complete Guide To A Successful #Pinterest Account. 1) If you're a business owner and want more followers you need this! 2) If you're using Pinterest for fun you can "SHARE" this with your friends to help them get started! Everything is here! White Glove Social Media Marketing specializes in Pinterest: We offer several packages from set-up, consulting, management and training. Ask about our 90day FREE TRIAL! Hurry - this offer won't last long! Email us at mailto:info@white...

Pinterest Improves Its Search Features

The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager (infographic)

The iPad Classroom – Curation Nov 6 by Jennifer Carey Using the iPad as a curator for information is also instrumental in education. It’s not a simple note-taker, rather it’s a tool for storage, organization, search ability, and more. If used effectively, the iPad can be a powerful instrument for curating material. Tom Daccord demonstrated curative abilities of the iPad focusing on Note Taking.

The iPad Classroom - Curation

10 iPad Apps for Web Curation Curation vs. Aggregation? Curation is such a necessity these days. The overwhelming wave of information we are exposed to is drowning us in facts and opinion. Not only do we need to be curating the information that we are consuming but we need to be insisting that our students have the skills and necessary tools in which to curate their own world. I have listed a number of capable curation apps that can help to do just that.

Save your favorite YouTube videos (with no ads) and your favorite class websites for games all in one spot! You can create Learning Playlists just by entering the link of the video or site you want. Add several links to make a playlist for whatever you're studying (lifecycles, fractions, government). Kids can follow playlists for homework or in classroom centers - so cool! is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

Social media activities for libraries by Phil Bradley, via Flickr

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: A Great Guide on How to Cite Social Media Using Both MLA and APA styles

6 second videos Vine “Twitter was built on the premise that constraints produce unexpected outcomes as people get creative,” says Danah Boyd, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research and longtime academic studying social media. “Part of what makes [Vine] interesting is who knows what will come out of it ?” One thing, at least, is clear: People will not communicate in video on Twitter the same way they communicate in text.

"We enable really simple connections between two things," says Tibbets. The service integrates with a number of different applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, Etsy and Craigslist, and offers a sizable amount of integration options for each to get you going. For instance, you can ask IFTTT to instantly upload any photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to your Flickr account. You could also set the recipe up to email you if you’re tagged in that photo, or send you an SMS.