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Enchanted Garden

Use pine cones for root aeration in your containers

Much better than "just married"

Save Green Being Green: Thrifty Thursday: How to Freeze Eggplant

Save Green Being Green: Thrifty Thursday: How to Freeze Eggplant

Japanese beetles are out in full force right now, and they are a major pain. I've been getting lots of questions about how to control Japanse beetles organically - so here you go! |

I'm fighting squash bugs in the community garden. If you're in the same boat as I am, here's how to control squash bugs organically. |

6 Great Reasons To Plant A Cover Crop In Your Garden This Fall For A Great Garden Next Year!

6 Great Reasons To Plant A Cover Crop In Your Garden This Fall!

6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre - Urban Farm - Urban Homestead - Growing Your Own Food

Everything you need to know about growing peppers

21 best crops for your edible garden

Japanese beetles can be very destructive in the garden. Here are some tips for controlling Japanese beetles organically. |

Japanese Beetle - Get Busy Gardening

Homemade "Miracle Grow": Get a clean glass or plastic jar, put a little water in it. Add egg shells and coffee grounds until it's about 3/4 full. Top it off w/water and allow to sit in a cool, dark place for about a week, gently shaking once daily. Strain and use the liquid when ready to feed plants.

My Purple Brick Road: Works for Me...

Zucchini Problems -- beating the bugs

The Herb Gardener: Zucchini Problems - Beating the Bugs

Make these cement button stepping stones and add some whimsey to your garden!

MarkMontano | Looksi Square

Bookmark for interactive perfect is this?

Science Notebooks | Kristen's Kindergarten

Spectrum Beginner Photography Tips & Intermediate Photo Tips

Spectrum Beginner Photography Tips & Intermediate Photo Tips

How to Prune Tomatoes for Earlier Harvests, Higher Yields & Healthier Plants

"God Save The Bees" by Jack Cripps This was inspired by Einstein's idea that “If the bee disappeares off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

When your garden is overflowing with zucchini, here are 7 ways to use them up! Some of my favorite zucchini recipes from all time are in this post.

7 Ways to Survive the Zucchini Flood

Victory Garden (then) == Self Sustainable Agriculture (now)

5 Tips for a More Sustainable Garden

3 Things About Sowing Nasturtium Seeds: 1. They don't like being transplanted, so direct sow them (or start in peat pots). 2. They need darkness to germinate. 3. They germinate a lot better if soaked in water overnight.

3 Things About Sowing Nasturtium Seeds : My Skinny Garden

growing spinach. see new way to garden that's easy. blog with tons of pics!

Make a sturdy, cheap, and efficient tomato cage that will last for years, and won't break like the cheap ones!

Making the Ultimate Seed Starting Mix