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natural- Carmel brown on top lid---mascara---winged eyeliner---highlight in corner---brown thick eyeliner under eye #blue

blue eyes faded into purple would love to have this eye color even though its impossible-----eyeshadow---purple on top lid and under---mascara---think mini winged eye liner around the top lid

step by step smokey eye--- green,baby blue, dark blue, black---- sparkly---black winged mascara

tropical eyeshadow--highlighted silver in the corner, purple, pink, yellow, dark purplish blue and turquoise on top---black winged eyeliner

neon eyeshadow faded---white,silver,baby blue, dark blue, purple, pink

highlight under eyebrow- purple and yellow eyeshadow and black thick winged eyeliner---blue eyes

purple and yellow eyeshadow with glitter mascara for blue eyes

step by step pink smokey eyeshadow- pink,red,brown,back---faded

smokey eye-white,nude,gray,black brown---faded---brown eyes

winged eyeliner lower and upper, white on the water line and in the corner of the eye, mascara top and bottom, pink eyeshadow under the eye and on top----for blue eyes

natural and blue eyeshadow in corner

step by step to doing a black and blue smokey eye

white,silver,gold,brown faded eyeshadow

eyes and mouth