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funny cat pictures Cute. Happy Caturday Saturday. Theincensewoman

Gollum cat... - The Meta Picture

happy friday pictures funny | Good Morning . . .Its Friday

Good Morning . . .It's Friday

I'm the neighborhood stray lady. I have found kittens on the side of a busy road, stray dogs wandering in the rain and can't help but find the owners or a rescue for them. I never tell him until he walks in and sees it and says "Aw hell, not again!"

tomorrow is monday images | 9GAG - Oh no, tomorrow is monday.

Thanks for the invite, but I cant think of anything I need from Hobby Lobby right now. said no one ever.

Black and white POSTER for math and music lovers: "FACT: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates and USES the ENTIRE brain is MUSIC." -DdO:) - with treble cleff and music staff

Roll Tide!!!