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When you ask students to write a paragraph, do they REALLY know how to write a paragraph? They may have a harder time than you think! This lesson has transformed the way my students write their paragraphs, and in turn - their essays!

Writing Workshop Folders -shares process of implementing Lucy Calkins Wrtg Wkshp

Just spent the day at a Lucy Calkins Workshop - pretty excited because we're doing this unit right now and I *know* hits hits sooo many Common Core standards - teaching kids to "read as a writer," AND expand on their writing using details. Hip hip hooray for strreeeetttccchhiinnnggg out our thoughts in writing!

What makes a good writer? How do you become a good writer? Lucy Calkins - author of the Units of Study for Reading and Writing series - offers words of wisdom on how to approach writing tasks to produce the best compositions possible. She discusses revising writing, reading your own writing, paying attention to detail, and other aspects of being...

Student Packet to go with Personal Narrative Mini Lessons 1-8 from Lucy Calkins

Personal Narrative Unit (Calkins 3-5)

If I can... {Lucy Calkins}- did this lesson last week with my class. It is our writing motto now.

How to Teach Writing Research Essays & Reading Nonfiction #TeachersFollowTeachers

Document Sharing Portal for Professionals & Students

A Classroom Poetry Peek into how one first grade teacher and her class celebrate poetry with a Poet-Tree along with a poem about a "Worm's Wish." April is Poetry Month - From The Poem Farm, a site full of poems and poem mini lessons and poetry ideas - www.poemfarm.amyl...

Writing Workshop Charts

How do you hook your readers? A poster with ideas for interesting writing leads. media-cache-ak0.p...

information writing engaging beginning

anchor charts for writing ... Hooking the reader

Good Hooks for Stories.pdf

How do you hook your readers? A poster with ideas for interesting writing leads. media-cache-ak0.p...

Anchor chart for writing hooks

This chart goes along exactly with what Fletcher discusses in chapter 10. I like this idea for giving students the different ways they can start a story. It would be good to start with one and then have them practice that day continue on each day. This way they students can practice the different methods.

Free Download ~ Characteristics of a Good Hook | This Reading Mama (with great directions for teaching writing hooks from children's authors)