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Pressed daisies phone case.

Does something like this really exist?

  • Melanie Wild

    This guy cracks me up! I love my nifty fifty. I also love how a fixed lens makes you move more. I'm hoping for the 1.4 soon.

  • Aura

    Me too! I was laughing the entire time. I really enjoyed that video, he was entertaining. You're right about moving more...I have been running around with this lens on trying to take pictures of a toddler :)


“In The Morning." Everything I want to say to my little one, and some. Tears included.

Money can't buy me love.

  • Kay Hawkins

    And if you will never be able to have children, then what?

  • Aura

    Then I hope all the other people and pets in your life run to your empty arms :) I don't think the point is necessarily about children, as much as it is to be the type of person that is magnetic in their ability to make those around them feel fulfilled.

  • Suzi Odom

    This quote is true. But where it takes you when you click on it is very inappropriate. I am very disappointed to search under "inspirational" and see what I saw.

  • Aura

    Suzi- Are you talking about the tumblr it is on? I clicked it and didn't see anything, am I missing something?