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Puppies. Because sometimes a picture of a cute puppy is the only cure.

Yellow Labrador Puppy

is this a golden retriever or a labrador puppy in a bucket

Puppy. Harlequin Great Dane. Looks SO much like Toby (with tears in my eyes) rest in peace....You left this world too soon....Mom will ALWAYS love you!

great dane and pup There's a puppy in my townhouse cul de sac that looks just like this one and his name is Zeke! I love petting him!

I love blue great danes :) I can't wait to eventually get one!

I'll take this white german sheppard pup, thanks. Looks like our girl summit! Miss her!

white german sheppard puppy.... Looks a little like Zappa

You can never have too many cute puppies on the stairs at one time

a cute baby german shepard

Baby German Shepard

okay. seriously, I can't find a picture that describes me more. A siberian husky puppy AND a hedgehog.

Husky Puppies ♥ - dogs Photo

Husky Puppy. Another puppy I want when I move out. 🎀🐶 one with blue eyes too! 👀

Husky puppy :) wish it had one blue eye and one brown eye

Siberian Husky puppy- lil destroyer

Happy husky puppy, can't wait to have two huskies!!