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Underground house ideas

A feed of underground and earth-sheltered homes, published by and for display on This pinboard is dedicated to a range of earth-sheltered homes and buildings, with natural and man-made structures

Amazing earth-sheltered mansion called Terra Firma, For sale in VA for 750K

Earth-Sheltered Terra Firma in Virginia Lists for $750K

Dugout on the South Loup River, near Virge Allen Homestead, Custer County, Nebraska, 1892

Prairie Settlement | Pioneers

The Underground Concrete House in Oregon is ready to be transformed - Concrete Decor

In something out of a james bond film intro, this entryway to an underground house features a concrete tunnel leading into a very conventional upscale entryway

Gallery: Underground Homes – Good or Bad?

underground house and shelter - comes complete with bathroom, livingroom, extra bunk beds, solar panels, ventilation and concealed escape hatch.

Architect Michael Reynolds uses tires and aluminum cans to create Earthships, energy-efficient homes that retain solar energy in their walls. With this technique, you can build an affordable house without any homebuilding expertise.

Earthship Homes: Affordable, Energy-Efficient Building

Lee from of Idaho shared this photo of his earth-sheltered home surrounded with tire bales that act as retaining walls and insulation. In the foreground are four 80 watt solar panels that power the well pump.

Alternative + Renewable Energy | Northern Tool + Equipment

Matmata, Tunesia-When "Hotel Sidi Driss" became famous for being chosen for the 1976 movie, "Star Wars," as Luke Skywalkers childhood home on Tatooine, it became famous. Berbers live in this tiny subterranean village, as it keeps them cool in the extreme heat and guards them from the horrendous sandstorms.

12 Hobbit Houses to Make You Consider Moving Underground

In the shade: The ice house in the grounds of Rufford Abbey - a great example of the thermal properties of earth-sheltered housing from antiquity

Caravan made into hobbithouse by 24H

Living roof, living lawnmower in foreground

Permaculture Design Principle 2: 'Catch and store energy'

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects | Home Reviews

Meera House - a luxurious earthen-roof house, interior view with water garden feature

Missile silo house interior - one of the more well kept and stylized conversions