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Underground house ideas

A feed of underground and earth-sheltered homes, published by and for display on This pinboard is dedicated to a range of earth-sheltered homes and buildings, with natural and man-made structures

Matmata, Tunesia-When "Hotel Sidi Driss" became famous for being chosen for the 1976 movie, "Star Wars," as Luke Skywalkers childhood home on Tatooine, it became famous. Berbers live in this tiny subterranean village, as it keeps them cool in the extreme heat and guards them from the horrendous sandstorms.

12 Hobbit Houses to Make You Consider Moving Underground

tiny house in the ground - I cant tell if this is CGI or a real-world example, but it's an amazing design for a partially underground home in either case

In the shade: The ice house in the grounds of Rufford Abbey - a great example of the thermal properties of earth-sheltered housing from antiquity

Underground House, Gharyan, Libya

beautiful lakeside complex or large earth-sheltered house

Caravan made into hobbithouse by 24H

Living roof, living lawnmower in foreground

Permaculture Design Principle 2: 'Catch and store energy'

Bariloche, #Argentina #architecture - amazing earth-sheltered house

Bariloche, | Comfy Home

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects

Modern Bungalow by Guz Architects | Home Reviews

Meera House - a luxurious earthen-roof house, interior view with water garden feature

An amazing example of a modern-era green roof house in a suburban coastal environment

Grass Roof House 4, Rio new construction

Invisible House with Grass-Covered Roof

Missile silo house interior - one of the more well kept and stylized conversions

The Door County Mushroom House Mystery - The most mysterious hobbit hole of all is this more modern construction in Whitefish Bay, WI. Little is known about the earth-bermed dwelling, but its whimsical design has earned it the nickname "The Door County Mushroom House". We don't know who built it, but we do know it wouldn't look out of place on a The Lord of the Rings set.

12 Hobbit Houses to Make You Consider Moving Underground

an earth-bermed home in a winter scene

Home Built into Vineyard Slope has Natural Stone Walls

This straw bale music room, dripping in greenery and surrounded by flowers, is in Bethlehem, PA, USA. It's by Sigi Koko. It has a rubble trench foundation with an earthen floor and the straw bale walls are plastered inside with clay and outside with lime. Other bits and pieces were salvaged; all looking good under its living roof. Read about living roofs on Sigi's website and see more of her work on her facebook page: Build Naturally

Natural Homes of the USA

The north side of the cob house, with living roof in full spring bloom - Cob House For Sale: Features: 100% cob construction, 200 open square feet of living space, plus small mud room/air-lock, reciprocal living roof with skylight, terracota tile floor, earthen and lime plaster interior, built-in cob shelving, chimney hook-up available for wood stove, wired for telephone [...] - www.small-scale.n...

Something For Your Weekend

Love that the Gray Organschi designed Guilford, CT property included an earthen green roof of sedum. Original story in Sept 2010 Dwell

Grass roof over bamboo structure, hand made earthen tile floor, Chalet at butterfly house in Marau Brasil, design and architecture by Maison e Maison.

Boutique Beach Hotel, Marau, Bahia - Maisonemaison

Bruce and Nancy Kilgore's handsome double wall, foam insulated, earthen roof cordwood creation in upstate New York