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Listen to success kid. You can make your writing deadline!

Don't do this. Seriously, there are better ways to push past writer's block. What's yours?

  • Mary Lee Jordan

    I change my environment regularly to keep ideas flowing. Also, when writing fiction, sometimes I get writer's block and begin illustrating my characters. It has definitely helped me!

  • PJ Roessner

    I will jump to a future scene or edit a past one while my brain pulls itself back together. Sometimes the voices beg to be pushed forward or cry out that I didn't write them 'right'. It has helped a lot. If that fails... clean, organize or redecorate your writing space. Crank up the music and put a song on repeat that suits the scene you were working on :)

  • Abby Leasure

    Doodle, and lay down face-first on my bed while making movies in my head.

Cultivate your own voice. The world needs to hear it.

Write to give hope.

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Have a conversation with your reader; don't lecture them.

In writing, it's important to emphasize substance over style.

Good books make you feel like it really happened, and that you were there when it did.

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Let everyone think you were born a naturally good writer. :)

Writing well takes perseverance, but it's worth it!

Quality over quantity. Value instead of noise.

It is your duty to write, because you are a writer.

Writing: One of the only professions where it's perfectly acceptable to daydream. :)

Balance is key as a writer. If you have not lived, you cannot write.

Don't let distractions keep you from your dreams and goals!

Perseverance. Without it you will never accomplish your goals!

Encouragement to write YOUR story.

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Don't let others get in the way of your writing goals!

Writing isn't hard. Sitting down to write is hard!

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Being a writer can seem like a solitary occupation but it takes a team to get published!

Do the work! Sit down and write your book.