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Sustainable Design

Technology is making it easier and more cost-effective for professionals across design, engineering, and manufacturing disciplines to incorporate sustainable design into their workflows.

How is #impactdesign transforming communities and changing lives? Find out at Autodesk's Design Night in San Francisco on September 4, 2014 6-10pm.

Closing the loop: reNature's biodigesters provide a solution for food in landfills #cleantech

Two low-cost solutions from Nexus EWater use grey water to solve #water and #energy problems.

Autodesk - Sustainable Design - Customer Stories

FREE Professional Education Courses now available from Autodesk. Earn professional CEUs.

The US-China Green Electronics Contest winners are fighting e-waste, malaria, overheated pets and generating electricity with shoes...and more!

Green Electronics Challenge

Is your #nonprofit designing solutions for a better world? Apply for a software donation through the Autodesk Technology Impact program!

With unique #3Dprinting technology LUXeXceL alters the future of optical design and manufacturing

enerChange creates an #EV battery replacement system for a petrol-free future #cleantech

Transformation 2030 Winner Strives for Hunts Point Revival | Sustainability Workshop

Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics in Kazakhstan | Sustainability Workshop

Infographic: Autodesk's FY2014 Sustainability Highlights

Infographic: FY2014 Sustainability Progress Report

Is 3-D Printing Buildings As Good For The Environment As You Want It To Be? | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Learn how Autodesk demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Japanese energy tech developer Seabell designed a unique hydropower generator

Micro-power solution to a global waste challenge designed by SeAB Energy

Autodesk cleantech partner Enval Ltd designed a green solution to recycling plastic

Japan’s Futaba Industry Co has created completely new mega solar frames

Autodesk - Sustainable Design - Customer Stories

New refrigeration system designed by Enrad reduces #energy consumption by 35%

Enval is keeping plastic and aluminum out of landfills and converting them to fuel.

HydroSpin is developing a microgenerator enabling water utilities to find leaks and save money. Hydrospin is an Autodesk Cleantech Partner.

Autodesk Cleantech Partner O-foil of The Netherlands uses biomimicry and Autodesk Digital Prototyping software to create a more efficient water propulsion system for inland waterways

Water-Gen uses Autodesk CAD and Digital Prototyping software to develop innovative water supply and purification solutions

Messina Schoolhouse: High Efficiency Mediterranean Architecture. Students plan the retrofit of an Italian schoolhouse using analysis and compelling visualizations.

Lynelle Cameron's keynote at the Cleantech Forum San Francisco about the design-led revolution. Learn about how designers around the world are rising to the challenge of creating future-oriented solutions.