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2014 Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is now closed. Thank you everyone for playing. We hope you had as much fun as we did! Hope to see you at the AutoShow so you can get an up close view to exhibits like these ones. Happy hunting!

#AutoShowScavengerHunt Instructions. Play Weekly to win two free tickets to the Canadian International AutoShow!

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  • Canadian International AutoShow

    Hey George, this image was just used as the example for the hunt. The first clue posted is on the board now underneath "2014 Scavenger Hunt" Good Luck and happy hunting!

  • alexei

    Found the ticket license plate on this Ford fiesta !!!

  • Alex

    Found the ticket license plate! Can't wait to take the family to the auto show!

  • Fong Cam

    #AutoShowScavengerHunt Found Ticket License Plate

  • Kristy Jewell

    Found 'TICKET' on this green Ford's license plate!

  • John Harvey

    ticket please

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  • Julia Hughes

    Found it. Silver and red striped camaro is in the background on the left.

  • Paul Pangilinan

    silver and red striped Chevy Camaro in the background and on the left, partially under the Castrol ICONS banner

  • Jeffery Magat

    Silver and red striped camaro in the back on the left hand side.

  • Hibbat Tariq

    I spy the silver and red striped Camaro in the back to the left side of the picture!

  • Hibbat Tariq


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  • Johnny Angelone

    I believe this car can actually fly. I know a mechanic at Mercedes, and he said if you could lift the doors while driving, it might actually take off. Powerful

  • Douglas Muir

    This is some car.

  • Johnny Angelone

    Honda. Reliable but bland. I'd give love to get my hands on a 92 Civic Si again though.