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Beach Wedding Dresses

Ideas and Inspiration for Wedding Dresses that would be great for a beach wedding

wedding dress for the beach #wedding #dress

  • Renee Smalley

    No I didn't. Crap!! It's the best price, and having trouble finding it elsewhere. Not sure what I'm gonna do now.

  • Lynn Thibodaux

    Aliexpress is the one I tried ordering from, its $64!!! As soon as I put my credit card info in and hit "place order", it said order canceled. I went check my bank account and sure enough the money was taken out. I called my bank and it got a credit and canceded that card. Now I always look for a contact number and most of these China based sites don't have any way to talk to someone. I'm tempted to try Eastbridal. Let me know if you do and what the result was.

  • Michelle Mullins

    I bought the same dress from Ebay for $56.00. It was a China based business but I didn't have any problems. I actually got it in three weeks and it's beautiful.

  • Lynn Thibodaux

    Wow thats awesome. Do you know if there are more on Ebay? Do you remember the name?

  • Michelle Mullins

    The store name was women.dress. I didn't have any problems at all. You can actually have it customized for you. I love it and can't wait to wear it in Belize in April. Good Luck.

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