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I remember there was a black Mini that used to park by my apartment in my college years. So cute, just love them, I think I'd like to have a new Mini if I get the chance!

Mittens is snoozin!

"I'm Otterly in Love with You" Valentine's Day sea otter ocean e-card

A boy and his FuzzBro...

"Why yes, this IS my beanbag!"

Oh, I love this cartoon... it's the "MusicLand" Silly Symphony where the little alto saxophone falls in love with the violin princess, he is on the Isle of Jazz, she is in the Land of Symphony. It's just awesome

I'm Halloween Cat, and I Love Pumpkins

Please vote for me in the Sammies, my first ever nomination! Ava Lemert in **R Soul** voting is now open through Oct. 6th, 2012

Two tuckered out little fellas!

this picture is cute enough.... TO POOP ON! ( if you aren't a Triumph/Conan fan, you won't get my joke)

I got to meet Mr. Tux, the vineyard doggie yesterday at Avio Vineyards, what a sweetie, you gotta go meet him and taste some authentically Italian wines!