It's almost summer! Enjoy this Last 10 Day Countdown- Freebie! Add excitement to the last 10 days with these fun activities. There are 13 to choose from, directions and explanations of activities, and 3 versions of writing paper for 2 of the activities. Enjoy!

Last 10 Day Countdown- Freebie!

This is a landform flipbook that students can create in order to differentiate between the different types of landforms. This activity could be done as guided practice, and it could also be an assessment tool after a lesson on landforms.

FREEBIE! This is a cute little poster to display in your classroom to remind children to ask themselves these questions before coming to an adult. I tell my kids to go look at the tattling poster frequently! It helps them decide if something is worth reporting.

A fun activity to do for Book Week – A scavenger hunt in the library using QR codes! This activity is designed to integrate technology and help students become more familiar with the areas of the library such as Fiction, Non Fiction, Senior Picture Fiction and Easy Fiction.

This {FREEBIE} August Planning Calendar Pack is a great way of staying organized at the beginning of the school year.

10+ Teacher Freebies including these Writing Prompt Task Cards for primary grades!

This is a back to school quilt to use at the beginning of the school year. It is a great ice breaker for students to get to know each other better...

Teacher trick: Stick a cup inside the foot of a sock and have students reach inside to pull out alphabet letters, coins or any other manipulative they're using. Makes ordinary learning activities so much more fun.

FREE! - 28 Writing Prompt Task Cards for Primary Grades

Reminders because I ALWAYS forget to remind at the end of class! So smart!

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