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Last page of Inheritance.

Eragon and Saphira

Master Kevan, Rider of Merrik by ElizaLento on deviantART

Paperblogr • The Inheritance Cycle - Book Review Written by...

Christopher Paolini's Eragon

Inheritance Cycle

Real courage - Living and suffering for what you believe. Brom

Inheritance Cycle, quotes from different characters.

I was astonished and amazed to see that so many people enjoy these little glimpses of my soul. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to this frankly outrageous number. I never thought it was going to get this big! THANK YOU!!!!!

Thorn versus Saphira by Ticcy on deviantART

Thorn versus Saphira by Ticcy on deviantART

said (well, techincally thought) by Eragon in Eragon, p194

Queen Islanzadí - Liv Tyler.Yes. Although she probably doesn t want to do ANOTHER Elf role

Pictures & Photos of Liv Tyler

"That time Angela almost said Raxacoricofallapatorius." And here, children, we have reason #12398712936 that I love the Inheritance Cycle.

Shruikan by EloiseS16.deviant...

Shruikan is the Throne Room? by EloiseS16 on deviantART


Eragon & Saphira by Ciruelo


Eragon after the Agaeti Blödhren<---- very close to how I pictured him...