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Orange Is the New Black Atheism Quote. Loved this!! Totally agree!! Great show.

Felix Baumgartner opened the door to his #Universe: the Stratos capsule was on a height of almost 128.000ft and shortly over 39.000m! live picture from Austrian TV ORF

I do not do these things in the hopes of being rewarded, or out of fear of being punished. I do these things because I know them to be right.

"There are 200 countries in the world now. Do these people honestly think that God is sitting around picking out his favorites? Why would he do that?...And why would it be America out of all the countries?...Maybe it's because he heard we have 18 delicious flavors of Classic Rice-A-Roni? It's delusional thinking!...America prays for God to destroy our enemies. Our enemies pray for God to destroy us. Somebody's gonna be disappointed! Somebody's wasting their fucking time! Could it be everyone?"

Rosalind Franklin: female scientist instrumental in discovering the structure of DNA

It’s called a Lichtenberg figure — the branching pattern made by electricity as seen on the arm of Winston Kemp who was struck by lightning a month ago.

“The biggest advantage to believing in God is you don't have to understand anything, no physics, no biology. I wanted to understand... I think the morality comes from human nature. I think we were born to care for one another... It gives people pleasure to help each other.” Nobel Laureate James Watson, Youngstown State University speech, quoted in The Vindicator, Dec. 2, 2003. Co-discovered the structure of DNA.