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Amanda Wittenborn

Amanda Wittenborn

I'm a creative, crafty mom & digital scrapbook kit designer. I love to throw themed birthday parties, make crafts with my kids, and do fun things with food!

Polka Dot Puppy Digital Scrapbooking Kit. Dachshunds and Boxers, Dalmatian’s with spots, cute as can be, I love you a lot! Paw prints and bones scattered about, Chihuahua’s that yelp and scratch to get out. Polka Dot Puppy, so cute and so sweet, a smooch on the nose and a bone for a treat.

Perk Up Kit, a coffee themed digital scrapbooking kit to get your mojo flowing! Hot coffee and donuts, the perfect start to my day! Grab a cup from the pot, get another one the way! A touch of sugar or a spot of whipped cream, my Morning Mojo is a Perk Up dream.

Nuts About You Page Kit an adorable fall themed digital scrapbooking kit. Pine branches and mushrooms, bark curling on the trees, autumn is coming…. pretty as you please. Squirrels wrapped in scarves, pine cones on the ground, trees changing colors from green to brown. Tell me the story of a love that is true, you can bet your last acorn, I’m Nuts About You!

crispy shoestring sweet potato fries- these are SO good and easy to make!

wrought iron stair railings with wood steps | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...

Sugar Swings! Serve Some: super hero gingerbread men and women.....! It will be after Xmas, but this is a project for Christmas vacation week.

Super Teacher Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Put on your boots, grab your back pack. Hike up the trail, don’t stray from the track! Geocaching is the game, you’ll need all the right tools! A GPS, a compass….and a magnifying glass rules! Lift up each leaf, check under each tree! Fun prizes are waiting! Come on! Cache Me! The Cache Me Page Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages.

Climb in the boat. Be quiet…be still. Grab an old cane pole or a new rod and reel. Bait up your hook, watch for the float to take a dip. Pull back hard when you see it! Watch the fish zip and flip. Cache Me Fishing, have some fun, grab a prize! Reel ‘em all in, it doesn't matter the size! The Cache Me Fishing Page Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages.

Load up the camper, pack the lantern and bike. Build a big fire, we’ll roast wieners tonight! Don’t feed the bears. Don’t stray from the trail, if you find the prize, give a big yell! Cache Me Camping, in the woods or a park, it’s a fun family game. Are you ready? Let’s start! The Cache Me Camping Page Kit has everything you need to make beautiful pages. The Page Kit Contains •80 Elements •17 Papers 12"x12" papers • 1 Complete Alpha (includes upper, lower, numbers, and some symbols)