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"Traveling Sideshow" Plaster, oil, and cold wax on cradled panel 20x20 inches

Beyond Words: RiverSea Gallery | Alley Art Studio

Shimaringo (2011) Oil on canvas, ink, pigment, charcoal, pencil 230x230x30mm. Mayako Nakamura

Mark Langan, corrugated cardboard sculpture, recycled cardboard, recycled cardboard art, corrugated art

"The Queen's Jewels" 36 x 30 mm/c

Jenny NelsonFloat 48" x 36" oil on canvas

Interactions Between Us | oil on canvas | 48 x 48” | 2013


charis-karios, makoto fujimura

Ana Elisa Benavent - Talking with Myself, 2012 (acrylic)

abstract watercolor painting by Abbie Wolff

By Sandrine Merrien Mixed technique Acrylic and acrylic ink 45 x 60 cm

Debra Corbett, “New Start”, acrylic on canvas

Shawna Moore, “Etch”, encaustic on canvas over panel

Stunning & Sexy Silver C-Prints By Guido Argentini #photography. strange. Made me think of you @Gary Roberts

Fiona Maclean; Acrylic, 2010, Painting "Redhead"

Title: Sweet Emotion by Erin Ashley.

Blue Window’ by Michael Carson

{ mark rothko // untitled // 1960 } “If you are only moved by the color relationships in my paintings, you are missing the point. I am interested in expressing the big emotions — tragedy, ecstasy, doom.” — Mark Rothko STILL my FAVORITE artist.

Oliver Jeffers | do this with old paintings from Goodwill...hahahaha love it

Pat Dumez; Acrylic, Painting "That little face so wise"