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Havasu Waterfalls, Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Transept Trail in Grand Canyon National Park is home to the spirit of The Wailing Woman, who haunts the North Rim. She committed suicide in the 1920's after losing her son and husband in a hiking accident. She is still seen floating in a white dress with blue flowers along the trail between the Lodge and the Campground on stormy nights, and is heard crying and moaning in grief.

Experience the beauty of the southwest on this journey to Saguaro National Park.

Waverly Hills

Bonaventure Cemetery Savannah GA

Superstition Mountains - are located east of Phoenix, AZ and are rumored to be the home of a large gold mine called the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. Some say that the spirits of those who have lost their lives in search of the mine now haunt the mountains. Also, there are some Apaches that believe that the entrance to Hell is located within the Superstition Mountains.

The Anne Rice residence 1239 First St, New Orleans Her Inspiration for Mayfair Manor, home of the Mayfair Witches, image © Rian Castillo www.digitizedchao...

A map of the most beautiful beaches from Myrtle Beach to Key West!

Early this year, a woman named Geraldine Vargas and her husband were walking through the desert near their home in Tucson, Arizona, when they came across a phenomenon that, so far, has completely baffled scientists. They discovered a large patch of land covered in strange, purple spheres with no perceivable explanation for what they were or how they came to be.

Arizona Spring- this is the real color, no photoshop here!