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Ros Davies Crowley

Ros Davies Crowley

Maiden name Davies

One of the more epic builds I have seen. LOTR- Barad-dûr [tall as the guy who built it..]

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When awesome people have way too much time on their hands, this happens...

Life-Size LEGO Batman He's off to fight his arch-nemesis, Duplo Joker.

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my conversation with my little bro last night- Me- you're as cute as a button! L- You're as cute as one eye! Me- What?! if i only had one eye i wouldn't be very cute! L- oh yeah? some minions only have one eye, and they're super cute! Me- uhhh... just go to sleep.

Lego tree house. Next time the boy tells me he's bored we're pullin the Lego bucket out! See how creative we can get.

Combining 2 of my favorite things - Legos and Ghostbusters

A semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended but then was continued. Take a minute and realize this is symbolizing millions of lives out there that have survived near death by suicide attempts. She's still here, I am still here, which means you can still be here. Hold on, your semicolon is coming. Stay Strong.