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Things that shouldn't be-

Finally, somewhere I can pin the most ridiculous things I find on pinterest, and be my cynical self about it.

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Things that shouldn't be-

  • 32 Pins

FART BE GONE! Flatulence Deodorizer Pad,.....If you honestly need this, You've got bigger problems

glamour shots!.....Yeah. No. @WTFPinterest .com

12 Ways To Achieve The Very Best Glamour Shot

This is why people dont answer when they dont know the know.

....Happy birthday ?? @WTFPinterest .com

This is what's wrong with the world. Reebok has since stopped circulating this ad. That doesn't change the fact that whomever approved it in the first place is still a total freaking douche. (from

...."I can see up your skirt"

No, not really. That sounds masochistic actually.

WHY on earth would someone make a serious eCard?! I like my eCards to the inappropriate and witty, not sappy and romantic. This is not warming my heart. @WTFPinterest .com

@WTFPinterest .com....Nom Nom!

IT embroidery! perfect for holidays and special occasions @WTFPinterest .com

batman nails....Why?!

They all weigh 150lbs. It's not just about weight, do you know your BMI? @WTFPinterest .com Another priceless pinterest conversation.

  • WTFPinterest .com

    Oh lordy - how shall I credit you for the find, my dear? First name? Link to Twitter/blog/Pinterest?

  • Baylea Wagener

    Ohhhh I just saw you here too! Linkage would be fabulous as I am too lazy to pimp myself, lovely!

Cavity ring-- @WTFPinterest .com This adds a certain new meaning to tooth fairy...

First you see a rainbow. Then you get into a head-on collision and see stars. (from

Crazy Aunt Flow sure was crafty, but her gifts always came with a string attached. (from

Michael Phelps and Julianne Moore... This is the most random and creepy idol worship ever...

Just incase you were wondering what was in there...


@WTFPinterest .com ... Desperately in need of a Pintervention. If there was such a thing as cyber cutting, this is it.

  • WTFPinterest .com

    Ha ha ha! I have a bunch of quotes saved for a feature - going to add this one to it - Pintervention, indeed! Save our girls! Stop the co-dependency!

I dont believe this conversation ever actually happened.

With the hip bone connected to the back bone, and the back bone connected to the neck bone, and the neck bone connected to the head bone, and the earlobe connected to the...wait, what? (from

The Pentagon's Newest Stealth Spy Aircraft Is a Flying Sperm - This is Argus One, the Pentagon's newest unmanned aerial spy. It can carry 30 pounds of high-tech sensors and it just happens to be shaped like a sperm because this shape is better at handling turbulences at high altitudes.