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Preschool Opposites Theme- wet/dry cornstarch activity

Teaching opposites at home >>> Long – short, big – small, happy – sad. All parents teach their children opposites whether they realize it or not. However, it’s important that we realize it’s a vital element of kids’ development so we can do it in a more purposeful, organized and creative way >>> Read more >>>

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog there are so many great ideas on here, I have to get to work trying, making, and exploring these.

Preschool Printables: Pigeon Learns Opposites Printable

God’s Little Explorers: Week 21 (O is for Opposites + Mary & Martha)

Have children observe a number of different objects and classify them according to their observations. After the activity they can discuss with others what their results. Ages 3-5 Science 1.18 Use words to describe physical attributes 1.29 classify things by an attribute

Homeschool / preschool: Color identification and sorting activity. Child learns color and opposites. (Soft / hard). Sensory and interactive learning perfect for ages 2 - 4 For more activities for a 2 year old follow: Mylittlesonbeam.b...

Opposites lesson ideas for preschoolers and kindergarten

Texture Opposite book preschool-activities

Preschool - What fun we have!: opposites - over and under weaving

My Little Sonbeam: Game: Noisy or Quiet? Sounds, opposites, listening game, the five senses. Mylittlesonbeam.b... Homeschool preschool learning activities for 2,3,4 year olds. {Follow My Little Sonbeam on Facebook}

▶ Left & Right Song | Opposites | For Your Preschooler - YouTube - My students LOVED this video and it really helped them understand the L is for left.

Free!!! Adorable match the opposites picture card game!!! 2 pages!

Opposites - FREE Printable Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets

Sorting Opposites- Soft & Hard, Float & Sink, Heavy & Light. Wonderful sorting activities- worth a look.

Preschool: Sorting Opposites..could do smooth vs rough, light vs heavy..or have them do a treasure hunt to find the things to put in the bins..colors, textures, sizes etc.

NEW! Opposites Cards preschool fun set!