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Learning Goals - Rubrics

This would be great to create after teaching the lesson in the curriculum the first week of school.

Marzano Kid-Friendly Scales! Your choice of 4-point or 5-point scale (Both Included!! - Just print the one you want to use). Also includes individual Student Scales!!!

Mrs. Gilchrist's Class: Marzano Kid-Friendly Scales!

ExitTicket - is a powerful interactive student response system designed to give you detailed performance data for every student in your class....

Evaluation Time?! No Sweat! Just Strut Your Stuff!

Free Technology for Teachers: Rubrics for Blogging and Multimedia Projects

Marzano's self-assessment- freebie

These are simple Checking for Understanding Marzano Posters. I was looking for some that have a plain black background. So, I created these. Hope you can use them in your classroom. ---Teaching by the Beach

Marzano Checking for Understanding

The Core of Effective Discussions - Learn tips for using the Think-Pair-Share and Talking Sticks discussion strategies along with standards-based discussion questions to help you meet the reading CCSS

SELF EVALUATION - This self-evaluation resource is designed to help even very young students identify HOW they learn. It is best used at the beginn...

A Must See Visual Featuring The 5 Levels of Student Engagement ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Great to give each student to put on their desk that they can refer to after lessons. Students will simply circle the leaf or thumb that reflects their knowledge about the lesson.

Free Student Self-Assessment Rubric to use with students across all subjects areas. This scale can be used before, during, a...

If you have questions about rubrics - what they are, how to make them, why use them--then this packet is for you. This packet consists of 7 pages ...