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Maria Lactans

Iconography and art depictions of Mary nursing the Christ Child.

Rest on the Flight to Egypt.BRUEGHEL, Jan the Elder 1607.The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Rest on the Flight to Egypt, panel from Grabow Altarpiece MASTER Bertram. 1383.Kunsthalle,Hamburg.

Rest on the Flight into Egypt.GENTILESCHI, Orazio.1628.Musée du Louvre.Paris.

Federico Barocci.The Madonna and Child with Saint Joseph and the Infant Baptist (La Madonna del Gatto), ca.1575.National Gallery.London.

Holy Family.Van Orley.1522.Museo del Prado.Madrid.

Holy Family. REMBRANDT.1640 .Musée du Louvre, Paris

Vision of St Bernard.Juan Correa de Vivar.s XVI.Museo del Prado.Madrid.

Vision of St Bernard.Christus Petrus.1475-1520.Université de Liège.

Vision of St Bernard.Claude Mellan.1650.

Vision of St Bernard.Murillo.Museo del Prado.Madrid.

Vision of St Bernard.Bellegambe,Jean.1532.Université de Liège

Michelangelo Buonarroti Madonna and Child 1520-25 © Casa Buonarroti, Florence

Madonna and Child c. 1609 Oil on canvas. 1.165m by 0.865m Spada Gallery, Rome.

Virgen de la Leche