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Farm Basket Challenge (CSA)

What happens when you sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture program? Republic dining reporter Jennifer McClellan signed up for Maya’s Farm winter season, paying $300 to get one basket a week from Jan. 15 through April 2, a 12-week period. Follow her Farm Basket Challenge over the next few months.

Greek Shaved Cabbage and Fennel Salad

Recipe: Turkey Sausage With White Beans and Kale

Turkey Sausage With White Beans and Kale

Farm Basket Challenge Week 11: Busy weeks can be brutal on kitchen time. Long days at the office, appointments after work and weekend obligations don't allow much time to clean, chop and cook fresh produce.

Recipe: Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

Cilantro has one of those polarizing tastes that people either adore or abhor. I thought I wasn’t a fan of cilantro. But I had so much of the herb stockpiled in my freezer and fridge that I was determined to find a way to like it.

CSA Week 7: Other than eating grapefruit at lunch, I've been largely ignoring the citrus from the CSA baskets. But when there was no more room to hold the oranges in this week's bag, I decided it was time to juice.

CSA Challenge Week 6: In January, I joined Maya’s Farm’s CSA, Community Supported Agriculture program. I am a fan of cooked greens. Chard, kale, beet greens all lose some of their bitterness after taking a turn in a hot pot or pan.

Farm-Basket Challenge Week 5: Fresh herbs - Herbs make a wonderful addition to a great many dishes. The catch is that just a small amount of herbs is all that’s needed to change the flavor profile of a dish.

A month into this project, my fridge is full of vegetables and my counter is covered in citrus. Looking at all that food got me thinking about waste.

Farm-Basket Challenge Week 2 in review: Colorful foods brightens meals and mood

Recipe: Rainbow Chard Frittata

Recipe: Rainbow Chard Frittata

Vinaigrette for Green Salad from Ina Garten, via One of the featured recipes for the Maya's Farm CSA project.

Recipe: Vinaigrette for Green Salad

Kale Chips, adapted from "Guy's Big Bite." One of our favorite recipes for the Maya's Farm CSA project.

Recipe: Kale Chips

Farm Basket Challenge Week 1: Republic dining reporter Jennifer McClellan finds out what really happens when you sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.