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Affiche (résister, contester, convaincre...)

Domaine : design graphique // Affiches de propagandes politique

Cold War Soviet Poster 2024915140

cold war soviet posters

Canadian Second World War Propaganda Posters & Sketch's. - Canada at War Forums

Constructivism Inspired Poster by Yehia Nada, via Behance

“My friend Jack Healey, who used to run Amnesty, really liked the Obama poster, and in early 2009 he said: ‘You really should make a poster of Aung San Suu Kyi.’ I made 80,000 of these stickers, and 6,000 posters, and a lot of them were smuggled over to Burma. You never know how much influence anything has. So it was nice to meet her recently and hear her say that it was helpful.”

"The Germans in Argentina"

Spanish Civil war again--inspiration for Angel of the North??!!

... Marks The Spot... General Motors Corporation Oldsmobile Division 1942

Patriotic posters from america's past - World War II-era posters encouraging hard work, production, safety, self empowerment and courtesy in the workplace.

Soviet Cosmonaut Propaganda Posters

You behave! - Unknown year The stereotypical yankee capitalist is a common figure in propaganda posters. Here, he's trying to set fire to and bomb the Soviet Union, but a vigilant (and rather handsome) Soviet soldier is keeping watch. With the attitude of the soldier and the slogan, this poster gives a sense that the capitalists are nothing more than mischiveous little juveniles.

vote Iraq

Women of Britain...Come Into the Factories!